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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  September 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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tonight at 11, a crucial clue. could a picture posted on
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twitter help police figure out what happened seconds before a deadly crash? >> a touching tribute. or perhaps a neighborhood eyesore. the battle over a memorial for the victims of the september 11th attacks. >> strong storms trying to move our way. doug is tracking the conditions from storm center 4. >> first tonight, there is shock and sadness after a family of four was found dead inside their homes. >> police won't reveal how they died but the news is spreading. richard jordon is live with the latest on the investigation. richard? >> late tonight the medical examiner's office began removing the bodies of the family members out of their home to determine exactly how they were killed. police say there was not a threat to the community. the danger here was within the walls of that house. fairfax county police work into the night.
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detectives were at a home where a family of four was found dead. another family shared a tender moment. alex was held tightly by his mother. the two stood outside the house the teen had visited many times to see his friend. >> they would always invite me to their like house. and they were like always so nice to me. >> reporter: the neighbors stunned. the dispair and disbelief clearly on their faces. those who lived nearby called the family a fixture after 28 years in the community. the husband and father always smiling and waves from his house on the corner. >> it is very shocking not to see him out waving on his porch. >> reporter: now the family is gone and their home is a crime scene. >> i wanted to see for mooiysel and i wanted to remember all the things they did for me. >> reporter: police say the children had not been to school all week but it was one of the parent's co-workers who called the authorities concerned.
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>> i have no idea. they were always nice. nobody has ever seen them fighting or arguing or anything like that. >> reporter: police expect to be in the home all night. looking for evidence to help explain what some called unimaginable. >> they were a great group of people. >> especially the children. it's just heartbreaking. they had their whole lives and it's tragic. it's tragic. >> reporter: alex and other people will not be able to sleep easily tonight. police are still trying to notify other family members but the church is planning a vigil tomorrow night. richard jordan, news 4. a picture on twit ser raising questiraise i ing questions about a deadly crash. yesterday he died while riding
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in the passenger seat of a car on his way to school in the tweet he appeared to brag that the person who drove him to school last week used his knees to steer the car. virginia state police tell news four they are aware of the twitter picture, the driver involved in yesterday's crash was not hurt and has not been charged. >> still no arrest after a robbery and a shooting in a parking lot that was once the scene of a dramatic hostage stand off. a man leaving the capital one bank was robbed about 7:00 last night. robbers shot him in the head and then ran away. >> in january of 2011, in that same lot, a gunman took a teller hostage. he slipped on the ice outside the bank and that allowed the hostage to get away and police shot and killed the gunman. >> officials in montgomery county are raising questions about a deadly bacteria
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outbreak. he was the the 19th patient infected and the seventh to die. >> tonight there is a new tool to crack down on drunk drivers. dc police will once again be armed with breath alcohol tests. two years after a contractor discovered the machines had been miscalibrated and hundreds of convictions were called into question. shamari stone has our report. >> d.c. police say this program will make the streets safer for pedestrians and drivers. people i talk to tonight say it's about time. >> it makes me feel safer. >> pleased. further cracking down. >> make the streets safer and keep drunk drivers off the roads. >> police will relaunch the breath alcohol testing program this weekend. trained offers will give the test to measure blood alcohol
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content. >> police stopped the test two years ago. a contractor found the machines had been miscalibrated and hundreds convictions were called into questions. >> there were a lot of questions with the prosecution based on breath testing. there are other ways they can test. breath testing is the easiest way to do it. >> to be sure they are working correctly, the medical examiner's office can maintain the equipment. >> it's not that the city has been unable to enforce drunk driving laws but now we will be better able to enforce the laws. >> everybody knows that drinking and driving, people get killed. >> the testing begins this friday and officers will still be able to do field sobriety tests. news 4. >> some rain heading our way. doug is in the weather office. how much and when? >> the good news is i don't think we're going to see too
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much rain. out there right now, 69 degrees. temperatures five to ten degrees warmer than this time last night. notice t the rain back to the west. that system trying to move our way. we will not see the severe weather here. sending the kids off to the bus stop, look for mostly cloudy skies with an isolated chance of shower. best chance to the north and west. i will show you just who will see the rain and when. >> thanks, todd. >> a man who escaped the twin towers on september 11 is now embroiled in a controversy over how to remember the thousands who did not survive. andy is now here with more on his very public fight over a
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private memorial. >> thomas says he was lucky. he made it out on 9/11. so one year ago he put up a backyard tribute for those who did not. this summer the display became the subject of a complaint. early last month the police gave him a $100 fine. they said the light was shining at the neighbors. he fought the fine and lost but he says this battle is not over. >> it's important. i don't want anybody to forget and that's what it says. we will not forget. am i guilty? i'm guilty. i turned it on. i broke the ordinance and i paid the fine. the $100 fine. i will do it every day. >> his neighbor says he believes
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the light was pointed at his house because the two men have not been getting along. the neighbor says he's going to move. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. president obama spoke at the united nations and urged world leaders to take a stand against violence and intolerance. he tried to put iran on notice saying it must dismantle and time is running out. mitt romney was not satisfied with the president's words or his record. >> we believe there is still time and space to do so, but that time is not unlimited. make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be contained. >> is iran closer to a nuclear weapon or not? we know the answer. it's closer to a nuclear weapon. >> the president said that the u.s. will be relentless in tracking down those responsible for the attack in libya. >> a new washington post poll shows mitt romney has some work to do in battleground states. in ohio, the president has an
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eight int lead. in florida his lead is four points. both candidates will be campaigning on thursday in virginia. romney will be in springfield, the president will speak at the virginia beach farm bureau. >> ann romney campaigned on the tonight show with jay leno. it's her first late night talk show appearance. she and jay shared a few laughs and then got more serious when asked about her husband possibly becoming the first mormon president. >> i love the fact that we have the first african-american president. that means, to me, that we're leaving prejudices behind. i would hope if midst were elected, we would see more of the same. >> you can see the entire interview coming up tonight after news 4 at 151. >> a series of text messages sent to voters caused distractions. people in the hampton rose area
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accused tim cain of wanting to impose a radical tax on all americans. cain's office wants the state attorney general to investigate how cell phone numbers were obtained. >> the investigators are still working to find the person responsible for a threat that shut down parts of the airport last night. plus and k-9 units searched the unit's two parking garages after somebody called in a bomb threat. passengers were held at the gates. things ran normally all day today. there is no word on a possible motive for that bomb threat. >> coming up, new video as bats invaded an apartment complex. >> madonna hits a sour note, trying to urge fans to vote for president obama. >> tonight, more fallout after a blown call cost the green bay packers a win.
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bats have invaded an apartment complex in florida. they are hanging around the windows and crawling out of pipes. residents say they haven't been able to sleep for days. the apartment manager called in an expert to deal with the problem. he is planning to trap the bats at night and let them loose far
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away. >> residents are making their feelings known. dozens staged a protest in downtown dc. tomorrow the public service commission is expected to vote on a rate hike increase. >> an attempt by madonna to rock the vote, she took a break from performing during her sold-out show to make a political pitch. she showed off an obama tattoo and asked everyone in the crowd to support the president. her comments were a little off the mark. >> all right? we have a rad muslim in the white house. >> the president is not a
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muslim. >> and the university of virginia has been ranked a top party school. they base it on three categories. sports, sex, and night life. uva ranked in the top 20 in each of the three. last month, forbes ranked uva the top public university in the country. >> has this ever happened to you? you get on a plane looking to get sleep only to find a screaming baby a few rows up? air asia is trying out a baby free zone not allowing babies and children in the first 12 rows. >> i tell my son that i have to sit here and he has to go back here? >> you're back here. >> i can't believe they're doing anything on an airplane that doesn't cost extra. pretzels cost extra now. we have got some changes ahead?
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we're not talking about any real terrible weather here. we're talking about changes. as far as the weather is concerned, temperatures got up to 76 degrees. a low of 53 this morning. a very cool start to the day. we ended up very nice. we saw 12 hours of daylight today. now the nights will be longer than the days. right now we're losing about two and a half minutes of daylight every single day and we will continue to do that for the next couple of weeks. 69 is the current temperature
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out there. so you won't need your jackets for the most part overnight tonight. you won't need the umbrella. not just yet. showers are trying to move through here. look out to the west. a lot of rain and a lot of strong storms from st. louis through kansas city this area of moisture will move our way. any shower activity should be to the north and west of
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washington. you can see the clouds moving in. these kind of die out. most of us on the dry side. we will see more shower activity. but i'm not expecting a washout for any of them. friday looks like the best chance for rain across much of the area and that does not look like a whole lot at the moment. maybe a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. >> all the way through the day on saturday. >> not too bad. >> not bad.
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>> this is a day of atonement. >> nationals with a rude
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so the 9:15 meeting looks like it's going to start a little late... um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry.
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yes! vo: from the new, to the hard to find: when it's on your mind, it's on ebay™.
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>> never. as you know well and doug knows we well. >> the braves won tonight on a walk off home run and they clench a play off spot. the nationals were not as lucky.
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>> brice harper is racing home. the gnats are getting closer but they are still down 5-3. same score in the bottom of the sixth. the first man out of the pen. first pitch to the first batter he faces. a solo home run for domonic brown. the nats fall 6-3. they have lost seven of their last eight to the phillies. the braves just four games back. what about the oriel bird. taking on the blew jays. facing colby who tallies one of toronto's 11 hits against the starters. they rally in the ninth but they fall short 4-3 is the final. red skins sign ryan grant as
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some insurance. down to just one healthy running back. kyle shanahan a little lightener the wallet. he was not pleased with the officials at the bengals lost. the officials made several critical errors and shanahan let them know during and after the game, chasing them off the field. he issued a statement saying he would not respond like that again and the nfl said no you won't, fining him $25,000. that was costly. more official issues in last night's monday night melt down. replacement officials awarded the sea hawks a win over the packers after that terrible call on the hail mary in the end zone. aaron rogers sounded off on the league during his radio show appearance, mocking a statement released.
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>> i call bull on that. the game is being tarnished by an nfl who obviously cares more about saving some money than having the integrity of the game. >> is he going to get fined for that? >> i don't think he's really worried about getting fined. and it does not look, right now, like the referees are closer to an agreement. >> what were you saying earlier.
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>> in the whole scheme of things, that's peanuts. >> especially to the gamblers who lost
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